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Friday, March 1, 2013

Quack Quack

I have boys. I also have Aflac. (Quack Quack) Braxton decided to chase after Kaydon, who was supposedly spying on Braxton and Braxton's friends. While chasing Kaydon (who is much faster so it was pointless to chase him anyways), Braxton fell on the cement, landed on his left wrist and drug his face along the cement. He called me just as I was preparing to go to class and told me he needed to go to the doctor. Those Insta Care docs get a kick out of us! One doctor there calls us the "Chain Saw Club" for obvious reasons. Remember when Braxton was cut my a chain saw... yeah that was awesome. X-rays, tears, nausea, a few laughs, a brace and explicit instructions to not do ANYTHING that could jeopardize his face or his wrist and we were back home. Orthopedist appointment in a week and if the swelling on his lower orbital bone doesn't go down in three days, we are off for a CT scan. Sweet!

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