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Friday, March 8, 2013

Races and Picks

Joshua is off to Vegas this weekend, protecting the drivers of the race cars. He loves to go do this twice a year. He loves this time with the safety team. He loves to be out on the track doing his job. He loves everything about it, I'm pretty sure. The boys like to look for him on the tv. Hopefully the weather will help make it a fun weekend for him! The boys have been begging for mommy time. Kaydon cried when I went to work today. The boys are all out of school today. So, I gave them two jobs for today. First, write Auntie Paula a thank you card for the rocket she got them and the girl scout cookies. Second, they need to write down one thing that they would like to do with Mom this weekend. I'm excited to see what they request. Jackson will be at a scout camp this weekend, so it'll just be the three youngest and I. I plan to make this weekend about the boys as much as I can. We all need that!

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