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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Save the Date

This heart of mine is going to get a make-over! May 23rd is the big day!! I'd say I'm excited, but that would only be half true. I'm nervous, of course. This isn't like a stitch on my big toe. I'm not saying that wouldn't be painful, but you know, this is my heart. I only have one! I met with the cardiology specialist (Electrophysiologist) today. He was very nice. His Physician's Assistant spent quite a bit of time with me explaining that this little defect is something that I was born with. I have one, or possibly two, extra connections in my heart. They are going to go in and ablate those so that my heart will work the way it's supposed to. The amazing news is that I will have the procedure done on Thursday and I will be back to work on Tuesday AND they expect me to be back to full activity within three to four weeks! I cannot wait to be walking and biking with my boys again!! Now, I did have a VERY descriptive conversation with them about what the consequences will be if the anesthesia doesn't work to it's fullest capabilities. Don't worry... I have this exact same conversation with ALL of my doctors! I think that my wishes are crystal clear! :)

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