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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nights with Colton

After Colton has been required to sit through seven hours of school, afternoons are definitely his release. He literally does not have the ability to come home and go right to homework. He has to be able to physically exert all of his energy. This is just something that we have learned and adjusted to. He will come home and kick the soccer ball, shoot basketballs into the hoop, jump on the trampoline, throw the wall ball, play with his animals, take Gunner for a walk, etc. Summer time, or at least cleaner air and nicer weather, are SUPER helpful! He is able to go outside for several hours after school and get rid of all of that built up energy. He doesn't have to focus or pay attention or SIT and LISTEN. He can just be free. Yard work is a favorite of his! He'll mow the lawn a few times a week... just because it seems like a cool idea right at that very moment. Nana and I just smile. At least he is happy. At least he is free. At least he is safe. At least he is able to be at peace.

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