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Monday, June 3, 2013

May Service Project

May got a little out of hand. I did not do a planned and organized service project with my boys and I felt like such a failure... then I remembered that we were doing service throughout the month and that counts! For instance, Jackson received a phone call from our adorable neighbor two doors down. She just had their second baby, Lucia. Her little Wyatt is in my Nursery class. She had signed up to feed the missionaries and her husband got stuck at work. She called Jackson and asked him to come sit in as the Priesthood holder. He went down there and did his job! Also, I was at Costco BY MYSELF (so big!!) and I was waiting in line for my ice cream bar. A girl next to me had placed an order for she and her mom. Then they told her that they don't accept debit cards. I handed the cashier enough cash to cover it and hurried away. That is the BEST feeling! My boys served me a ton after my surgery. They got me food and drinks and covered me up with blankets. They loved on me and wiped my tears. It was a great reminder that service projects don't need to be planned service projects to be valuable and necessary. We have opportunities every single day to serve - in big ways and in small ways. We can bless other people and we can be blessed in turn by doing whatever we can every day to serve others!

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