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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Lord's Hand

I have started a new little habit. I watch two to three Mormon Messages each night before I do my best to fall asleep. I love these messages. They are almost all from a General Conference talk and I am reminded of a few things when I watch them: my worth, the love our Heavenly Father has for us, the importance of doing our best, and how simple the Gospel really is. One in particular has stuck with me this week. This has been a really, really tough couple of weeks for me. I have struggled mentally, physically, emotionally, really in every way possible, yet I have seen the Lord's hand in every aspect of my life as I look back on the prior days. President Eyring talks about how when his children were young, no matter how tired he was, no matter how long the day had been, he would sit down at the end of the day and write down all of the ways in which he witnessed the Lord's hand in his life. If we take the time to really look at the various ways in which the Lord's hand is in our lives on a daily basis, it is impossible not to see them. I have kept that little Mormon Message tucked away and have thought about it this entire week. The Lord's hand is always in our lives if we will do what's right and pay attention. There are tender mercies continually. They are there. They might be subtle, they might seem very small, they might seem very quiet, but they are there. Last night, I was reminded by Elder Wirthlin that we can bloom no matter where we are. And, we can. I KNOW that we are known and loved my our Heavenly Father and His son. If we will look for tender mercies and moments when the Lord's hand has intervened, we will see them and we will be amazed at just how much He is there with us every moment of every day.

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