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Friday, November 22, 2013

November Pack Meeting

Colton had pack meeting on Wednesday. Usually pack meeting is NOT a fun night of the month for me. It always seems so chaotic and loud and out of control. But, this one was amazing. Colton and his entire den were awarded with the citizenship award. Then, a chief in the army came. He talked a little bit about his amazing experience serving our country. Then, he talked about why we retire a flag, how it's done, who does it, etc. He was so emotional and in turn, so was the audience. The boys were awe struck, respectful, and quiet. Then, we walked outside and he burned the flag. It was, again, very emotional. A young man played his trumpet while the flag burned. Then, a new flag was raised and saluted. It was a great night, and one that I'm so glad we didn't miss! Also, I need to state how grateful I am for my boys' scout leaders. There is a reason why I have never been a scout leader!!! These scout leaders dedicate so much time, effort, patience, and even money for my boys. They have made such a difference in their lives!!

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