My Family

"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Shopping

The Nana had a brilliant idea this year. Instead of buying the kiddos gifts, she gave each of them $100 to spend on their brothers and sister. So, Jackson was given $100 and with that money he needs to buy a gift for Braxton, Kaydon, Colton, and Brooklyn. Then, she gave me $100 to take all five kids shopping to get things for Joshua. And she gave Joshua $100 to take the kids shopping for me. Last night, I took Braxton, Kaydon and Colton. I took each of them separately, obviously. I could not have been more proud of them. They were all so organized. They each had a list of what they wanted to get and how much they could spend on each person. They walked in, got the cart, went right to where they needed to go, checked prices and selected items. I loved, loved, loved watching how excited they were to be getting things for their siblings that they just knew they were going to love! They went to the check-out line and checked out, giving the cashier their money. Then I dropped them off at home and Nana helped them wrap their gifts while I took the next kiddo. I really hope Nana continues this tradition. I had the best time with each of them. Jackson is tonight and Brooklyn is either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

End of Semester

Fall Semester 2013 is over and this girl got a 4.0!! I could NOT do this without the Nana, who feeds those boys every single morning and gets them out the door to school. I could NOT do this without the Nana who looks at me and tells me to go to bed before I fall asleep standing up. I could NOT do this without the Nana who cheers me on and comforts me when things don't go so hot. I could NOT do this without my boys who know that mommy is doing this in order to accomplish a very important goal, and to make a better life for us. I'm doing it... one semester at a time.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Grandma has Surgery

Grandma had surgery this past week. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer a couple of weeks ago. On Wednesday, the surgeon removed her left kidney and all of the fat tissue surrounding it. She is a trooper, and a hilarious patient while on drugs! She is doing well. The boys and I went and visited her at the hospital on Thursday. At first the boys were really scared and worried about her because she was slurring her words and saying off-the-wall stuff that was pure comedy. Once I explained to them that she was on medication, they just ate it up! They wanted to go back again and again and again. Unfortunately, we have not had a spare second to go visit her at home yet, but we'll head over tonight. Say an extra prayer for her if you have a chance! We sure love her!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Colton's FHE

Colton was in charge of FHE on Monday night. He went through some Friend magazines and picked out an article to read. One of the worst consequences of his severe anxiety is his fear of speaking in front of people. The school psychiatrist and his speech therapist work with him a lot on that. If he has to speak in front of his class, he does better if it is the VERY first thing he does in the morning. That makes him much less nervous. Anyway, he was SO nervous about speaking in front of his own family. It absolutely broke my heart into pieces. But Nana sat right next to him while he read his story. He read it so well. I was so proud of my boy! He read a story about answers to prayers and then he asked his brothers their feelings on it and asked each of us to share a personal experience that we had with Heavenly Father answering our prayers. It was a great lesson and I know that he felt better when it was over. I am really loving Monday nights at our house. The Spirit is strong and we are all developing important talents and skills because of it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #4

The trip wrapped up on Friday and we headed home on Saturday for the looooooong 13 hour drive. I have some amazing cousins. Alyssa, her husband Chase, Holly, Tiffany, Jared, and Uncle Allan took my boys out back and let them shoot bb guns and bows and arrows. What could be better for four boys?!?! They were so patient with them and cheered them on and helped them so much. My boys ate it up and it was so fun to watch. They also visited with the horses a bit more. My boys love those horses. Grandma and Grandpa will be selling them soon and we will miss them. That night, Alyssa and Chase stayed late and played games on the floor with my boys. I am very certain that Alyssa and Chase will never know how much that meant. They were SO good with my boys. I am so grateful for everyone who loves my children. My kids deserve to be loved to the moon and back and my family treated them like gold. Thank you to everyone in Clovis and Fresno for a fantastic, unforgettable trip!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #3

Thanksgiving morning was FILLED with family pictures. This is not my favorite activity and so I prepared myself for days for this. It ended up being just fine. We got out family pictures done and out of the way so that we could pig out on yummy food. Uncle and Auntie came over, Trenton, Jenna and Baby Kase, Allan and Adel, Holly, Tiffany, and Jared, and Alyssa and Chase were all there. I haven't seen my cousins in years and years. I am the oldest cousin, and we moved to Utah when I was 11, so I am not real close to my cousins, but they are such great people who are far more successful than me... so there you go! Dinner was delicious. I made the yams and cut the vegetables. I also made the sauce that went over the asparagus. I was pretty much awesome!! We watched the parade and football. It was awesome!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #2

My boys are amazing travelers! We were up and out of the hotel at 6 am on Wednesday. We opened up the continental breakfast buffet, ate quickly, and then got out on the road. Anyone who has traveled with me EVER knows that I HATE stopping for anything, including potty breaks. It just irritates me beyond words. But, close to Barstow we all had to go. We found some porta-potties on the side of the road and lined up! I think that picture is so amusing. We made it to Clovis just after 1:00. The weather was beautiful! Jackson got to practice a little driving with Grandpa helping him. Those pictures will be pictures that I treasure forever. My grandpa is amazing with my boys... so loving. We played on the farm and visited the horses, too. Uncle Logan, Uncle Skip, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Carrie, and Nana got to Clovis about three hours later. The boys were Uncle Logan and Uncle Skip's shadows from then on. Uncle Logan played Clue with the boys after dinner and we just relaxed and visited. Such a good day!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #1

On Monday, I went to cash a check for gas for our trip. The teller informed me that my drivers license had expired. I was seriously stunned. I had no clue. It expired in JUNE!!! Whoops a daisy. So, Tuesday morning the boys and I packed the car up and headed to the DMV. What a way to start a vacation! We were in and out in less than a half hour and on our way to St. George. My grandparents got us a hotel room so that I could break the trip up on the way down. It was such a blessing! The boys swam in the heated pool outside and I wrote five papers for school while sitting in the sunshine watching my boys! Perfect!