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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Shopping

The Nana had a brilliant idea this year. Instead of buying the kiddos gifts, she gave each of them $100 to spend on their brothers and sister. So, Jackson was given $100 and with that money he needs to buy a gift for Braxton, Kaydon, Colton, and Brooklyn. Then, she gave me $100 to take all five kids shopping to get things for Joshua. And she gave Joshua $100 to take the kids shopping for me. Last night, I took Braxton, Kaydon and Colton. I took each of them separately, obviously. I could not have been more proud of them. They were all so organized. They each had a list of what they wanted to get and how much they could spend on each person. They walked in, got the cart, went right to where they needed to go, checked prices and selected items. I loved, loved, loved watching how excited they were to be getting things for their siblings that they just knew they were going to love! They went to the check-out line and checked out, giving the cashier their money. Then I dropped them off at home and Nana helped them wrap their gifts while I took the next kiddo. I really hope Nana continues this tradition. I had the best time with each of them. Jackson is tonight and Brooklyn is either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

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