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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Colton's FHE

Colton was in charge of FHE on Monday night. He went through some Friend magazines and picked out an article to read. One of the worst consequences of his severe anxiety is his fear of speaking in front of people. The school psychiatrist and his speech therapist work with him a lot on that. If he has to speak in front of his class, he does better if it is the VERY first thing he does in the morning. That makes him much less nervous. Anyway, he was SO nervous about speaking in front of his own family. It absolutely broke my heart into pieces. But Nana sat right next to him while he read his story. He read it so well. I was so proud of my boy! He read a story about answers to prayers and then he asked his brothers their feelings on it and asked each of us to share a personal experience that we had with Heavenly Father answering our prayers. It was a great lesson and I know that he felt better when it was over. I am really loving Monday nights at our house. The Spirit is strong and we are all developing important talents and skills because of it.

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