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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #2

My boys are amazing travelers! We were up and out of the hotel at 6 am on Wednesday. We opened up the continental breakfast buffet, ate quickly, and then got out on the road. Anyone who has traveled with me EVER knows that I HATE stopping for anything, including potty breaks. It just irritates me beyond words. But, close to Barstow we all had to go. We found some porta-potties on the side of the road and lined up! I think that picture is so amusing. We made it to Clovis just after 1:00. The weather was beautiful! Jackson got to practice a little driving with Grandpa helping him. Those pictures will be pictures that I treasure forever. My grandpa is amazing with my boys... so loving. We played on the farm and visited the horses, too. Uncle Logan, Uncle Skip, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Carrie, and Nana got to Clovis about three hours later. The boys were Uncle Logan and Uncle Skip's shadows from then on. Uncle Logan played Clue with the boys after dinner and we just relaxed and visited. Such a good day!!

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