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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip Day #4

The trip wrapped up on Friday and we headed home on Saturday for the looooooong 13 hour drive. I have some amazing cousins. Alyssa, her husband Chase, Holly, Tiffany, Jared, and Uncle Allan took my boys out back and let them shoot bb guns and bows and arrows. What could be better for four boys?!?! They were so patient with them and cheered them on and helped them so much. My boys ate it up and it was so fun to watch. They also visited with the horses a bit more. My boys love those horses. Grandma and Grandpa will be selling them soon and we will miss them. That night, Alyssa and Chase stayed late and played games on the floor with my boys. I am very certain that Alyssa and Chase will never know how much that meant. They were SO good with my boys. I am so grateful for everyone who loves my children. My kids deserve to be loved to the moon and back and my family treated them like gold. Thank you to everyone in Clovis and Fresno for a fantastic, unforgettable trip!!!!

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