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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Diagnosis for My Peanut

Yesterday, I took Braxton to our amazing pediatrician. My boy has a diagnosis and we are on our way to making him feel better and be able to function better! He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She is still evaluating him for another possible mood disorder. She also took blood work to check for anemia, thyroid issues, and a history of mono. He is on a medication now, begins counseling, and I am able to give his school team some answers to help them work with him. He was also given strict instructions to be asleep by 10 pm each night and to eat three meals a day. He isn't eating lunch at school on a regular basis even though he has hot lunch, just because he says that he isn't hungry very often. I am so thankful for an outstanding pediatrician who specializes in these cases and who is amazing with my Colton as well. I am so thankful that we can begin to take steps in the right direction as well!!

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