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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kaydon's First Sleepover

Oh, this boy of mine. As some of you know, Kaydon had some serious, life-threatening health issues until he was about four years old. He has had 13 operations, physical and occupational therapy, and hospice. This is my miracle boy. Because of his operations, he still has challenges. He is still unable to throw up or burp. At times, venting is the only way to relieve his discomfort. That requires dropping an NG tube to get locked-up air out. He also still wears a pull-up to bed every night. Because his stomach is tied around his esophagus, his other organs have moved around in his abdominal cavity. Each year, at the beginning of the school year, I have to notify his teacher that if he raises his hand to use the restroom, he has to go NOW, like five minutes ago. When most of us have a hint that we need to wee, he doesn't. Therefore, he wets just about every night. This really bothers him. He watches his brothers go and have sleepovers, and many times cries because he didn't feel he would ever have that chance. Well, last Friday, his buddy Taylor invited him to sleepover. He was so excited. He asked me if he could go. I told him that of course he could go. I asked him if he was going to wear a pull-up over there, or wanted to take one and change in his bathroom before bed. I knew he would be very self-conscious about this. He didn't tell me which he was going to do. He was so anxious all week. Saturday morning he called me, "MAMA!!! I did it! I had a sleep over!!! I did it, Mama! I didn't wet his bed, I didn't even wear a pull-up! I did it, Mama!!" Oh, I cannot tell you the joy I felt for my boy. He did it! He has accomplished so many things that the doctors told me would be impossible. This is such a small thing to so many people, but to us... it's huge. Blessings.

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