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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peanut Update & Diversion

It's been quite an eventful few days for us! Braxton has now had four rounds of blood work since Wednesday, and an ultrasound on his kidneys. The lab work that was done for the depression appointment showed some problems with his kidney levels. We repeated labs on Friday and there were more concerning numbers. Yesterday, we repeated labs again and had the ultrasound on both kidneys and his bladder. This kid is done with blood work! He is so over it, but he has been a trooper! We don't have an official diagnosis yet, therefore I am telling him as little as possible. He knows that lab work has shown some weird numbers when it comes to his kidneys, and that's about it. The lab work also showed some serious problems with his parathyroid, as well as his body's lack of ability to absorb iron. We are dealing with the kidney issues first and foremost, since they are the most serious and dangerous. Braxton is at school today, and I am at work! Yay! We need to get back to a routine. We did everything we could this weekend to divert our attention from the scary things. We went bowling and played. Braxton wanted to spend Saturday with Josh, so Josh took him to his wrestling tournament with him all day. Braxton said it was the best day ever! He was SO happy when he came home. Onward and upward!

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