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Monday, January 27, 2014

Them Wrestlers

This weekend, duals were held at Jordan High School. Have I mentioned that these boys have the part of my heart that my own five kids don't have?? I am just mush with them! They did HORRIBLY on Friday night and this mama was not happy with them. So, before their third round on Friday night, I had a little chat with them. Pretty sure it was a WAY better pep talk than anything Josh and Bart have ever done! ;) I promised them ice cream if they beat Alta. They lost. But, I was still proud of them. So Saturday morning, they entered double elimination. They lost by TWO points to Taylorsville and the tears flowed. When those boys cry, it breaks my heart. I told them that before their last match, I would buy them ice cream and we would play Charades. Ummm, probably should have done that FIRST thing Friday because after that little break, they ROCKED it! After our first three boys pinned their opponents, one of the sweet boys said, "Miss Christensen, the ice cream REALLY worked!" I just giggled. Then he lost his match. He cried and cried and then asked if he could talk to me. I went up to him and put my arm around him. He said, "Miss Christensen I blew it. The ice cream didn't work anymore." I told him that the ice cream didn't work for anyone, but that I was so proud of him. It was our last weekend with this group of boys. The next three weeks will be spent with our varsity boys, who by the way are not near as fun! It's state qualification, then state, then super state. Go Lancers!! Oh, by the way... their coach is a hottie. ;)

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