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Monday, February 10, 2014

No camera = no posts

We are still here.. alive and well.. well, kind of well. My camera cord broke a couple of weeks ago and I have this serious belief that if I don't have pictures, then I can't post on the blog. It's a big problem. Lately, this has happened: Josh is in constant pain. The MRI found a herniated disk in his neck, which has splintered and is splintered into his spinal cord. He gets his second injection today. They will go in through the side of his neck for this injection. Can't wait! If this doesn't work, he will need to have surgery. His playing days are over. Layton wrestling won the division championship last week. State championships are this week and he has a wrestler competing in every single weight class. Go Lancers! Jackson starts registering for high school this month. It seems so crazy to me that my little guy is SO big and is starting this new adventure. Braxton is doing well on his new meds. He has the complete opposite of constipation with all of this iron he is on, which is clearly not normal. We go back for follow-up testing in the next week or two. He is a happier kid, though, and that is awesome. Kaydon is just as happy and unhappy as usual! He loves to pretend to be whatever action character he sees on a latest movie. He really doesn't care what anyone thinks, which is awesome. He is loving school, and soaks up every single thing he learns. Colton is doing well. We had his quarterly ADHD appointment this past week with our amazing pediatrician. We are switching up his nighttime meds just a bit to see if that helps him sleep past 4 am. For the love of everything good in the world, we are REALLY hoping that this helps!!! We will be completing his IEP for the next school year soon with his teachers and school advisors. Brooklyn will be registering for kindergarten this month. Preschool has been so good for her! She will be more than ready to start kindergarten in the fall. I am usually a completely mess, but what else is new?!?! Work and school are more than busy and tough. Young Women's is good. I go to as many of the activities as I can. It's tough with homework and everything else. The girls are great and I am grateful for this calling!

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