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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

These Boys

Last night, we went to Costco. It is SO nice to have big boys to push that 150 pound cart around for me. After 45 minutes of shopping for the month, I fed them. It's so funny that my kids love salad! Love it! They want salad and berry smoothies. Every time. No pizza. No hot dogs (except Colton and Brooklyn). Just salad, please and thank you. Did you know that they no longer offer those ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and almonds? Sinners!!!! I am seriously considering sending a letter to the corporate offices! When we got home, my Jackson said the funniest thing. "Pretty sure they're having a face war, hashtag YOLO!" I wasn't really sure what had just happened, but I laughed my head off! That kid is funny sauce! Then, he asked me to take he and Braxton to mutual. I told him they could walk. He told me he couldn't. I proceeded to call him a "wuss." Yep, mother of the year right here. He then followed that up with, "Mom, there is a difference between being a wuss and being afraid of the dark. I just happen to be afraid of the dark." And, it's true. He is. My 6'1" boy does not like the dark. Don't worry, there is more. Today is "Parent Day" at the junior high. I planned on taking the morning off to go to the junior high and attend classes with Jackson and Braxton. Well, last night they sat me down and said, "We are only going to ask you once... do not come tomorrow." Oh. Well. Then. So, I'm at work this morning. Kaydon cleaned out the storage room last night. By cleaned out, I mean he threw away stuff that he didn't feel was necessary to have anymore. Kid after my own heart! Colton slammed into the concrete wall in the gym yesterday. Awesome. I love signing sheets that say that I have to check for mild concussion symptoms. I do that every day anyways!!!! I have four boys!!!!

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