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Monday, March 17, 2014

Josh's Pain in the Neck

Josh had neck surgery on Friday. For some reason, I am a bit emotional about it TODAY. Everything went great. His C6 and C7 vertebrae had collapsed onto each other. It took the surgeon quite a while to get in there because of his muscle mass and amount of soft tissue. But, once he got in there, it was a smooth surgery. Josh has a VERY narrow spinal canal. The surgeon expects that he will have to have more surgery in the future. He came out of recovery very nicely. My sweet dad was there with me the entire day. My sweet step-mom came and gave the nurses a run for their money! (She is a weeeeeee bit protective) My mom and her boyfriend came to visit, as did Josh's dad and his girlfriend. Amanda brought Brooklyn on Friday night and that was just what Josh needed. That little girl is his whole world. My step-mom also brought the boys. It was so good to see the boys relax, knowing that Josh was going to be okay. He is at home resting this week and we are hoping for a speedy recovery and lots of wrestling on the floor in the near future!

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