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Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots to Say

Dearest Teresa, this here is for you! ;) So, there have been a few things going on lately. I still don't have a blasted cord for my camera, so I still have no blasted pictures which makes me a little blasted angry, but whatever. First of all, we are all alive. You're welcome. Second, there are no new injuries or diseases to report. Aflac, you're welcome. Third, parent/teacher conferences (the second worst event each year closely behind pap smears) are over. The children will most likely move onto the next grade. All teachers who have had more than one of my children, you're welcome. Fourth, Joshua will be having neck surgery at the end of this month. Joshua, you're welcome. They will be removing his C7 and fusing that sucker together. It should help all of his pain go away. TOSH, you're welcome. Fifth, I will not be getting a 4.0 this semester and I'm okay with that. As B Beck always says, "C's earn degrees!"
Sixth, we will be moving. Yep, moving. My poor children. My mom is getting married around May or June. The boys and I will move out when school is out for my boys. We will most likely be moving to the Layton area. It is cheaper and that is where Joshua currently lives and coaches. That, of course, means that Joshua and I will probably get married and move in together as a big, happy family. B Beck, you're welcome. ;) After the shock of it all, I sat down and started to plan out how I was going to do this. I have sent out 20 letters to bishops in Layton, Syracuse, and Kaysville, asking if they know of any senior couples who would like a family of seven to stay in their home while they're away. After many tears and different thoughts, I decided that I will stay and school and finish it out rather than get a second job. I know that things will work out if I do. I went back to school because of very personal revelation from my Heavenly Father. I will stay in school for the same reason. I trust Him. The boys are all handling this a bit differently. Kaydon is pretty much packed. Colton is worried that the neighbors won't like us. Jackson and Braxton are sad about leaving their friends and church leaders. Me too. But, we will be okay.
I hate Gospel Doctrine class... like a lot. I always feel like it's full of old people who have the Old Testament memorized. I feel like I am incapable of even giving the opening prayer in there! However, yesterday's lesson was amazing. Simply amazing. It was about Abraham and Isaac... the whole sacrifice story. First, I learned more about that story than I had ever known before, which made Abraham's faith and obedience even more astounding. Just for clarification, I'm quite sure that if I received revelation to sacrifice my child, I would question where that was coming from and most likely NOT DO IT. Abraham, however, had perfect trust in God. Our teacher asked us, "So, after all you've been through... after all you've experienced... after all that you have been blessed with... when are you going to trust in God?" It was exactly what I needed to hear. She also talked about time frames. Clearly God's time frame is not the same as ours. God had promised Abraham when Abraham was very young that he would have children. He had to wait 100 YEARS People!!! I'm pretty sure that around year 35, I would have began doubting if I actually received that answer to my prayer, or if I had just made it up myself. Don't we do that? Don't we receive an answer to our prayer that seems so real and so sincere, and then we sit around a wait for it, starting to question our own faith? I do! But, we need not do that. Sometimes blessings come quick, sometimes they take a long time, and some won't come until Heaven, but they'll come!
Finally, I also taught in Young Women's yesterday. Gosh, I love those girls and the other leaders. They are valiant and beautiful and faithful and modest and full of integrity. We talked about faith. We talked about our own faith and the faith of those in the scriptures. We watched my favorite Mormon Message, "Good things to come." I love it. I cry every single time. My life lesson over the last couple of weeks: Don't give up. Don't quit. Hold fast to what you already know. Trust in God. Really trust in Him. Talk to Him often. Ask for His help. Remember our divine nature. And, carry on.


  1. Okay, so it took me over a week to read this...but YAY!!!!!! WAHOO!! YIPPEE!! If it wasn't almost 1 in the morning, I'd be jumping up and down for joy! Love your guts, Heidi! xx

  2. Thanks Heidi :) things will come together, I know it!