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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Freaking Date Night (For Real)

Josh and I don't get dates. Everything thing that we do, we do it with our children. Saturday night, Josh's dad bought us tickets to see the Blue Man Group. I have been so excited! We met his dad (Papa), his girlfriend (Stephanie), his sister (Nichole), his girlfriend's daughter (Bailey), and her boyfriend (Isaac) at Trolley Square to eat at the Spaghetti Factor. I have NEVER been to Trolley Square. Ever. Josh and I were dressed up, walking around Trolley Square like two grown-ups. It was amazing! After dinner, we went to Kingsbury Hall to see the Blue Man Group. Josh and Papa have seen them before in Las Vegas. Obviously, the only show I have ever seen is The Wiggles, and I prefer not to talk about it. This show was amazing. Amazing. I loved every part of it. After the show, as Josh and I were walking to the car, we were talking about how the kids would have loved it and how we can't wait to be able to take them to see it. It's funny how even on our once-in-a-blue-moon date night, we miss the kids and can't wait to share with them what we experienced. I love my guy.

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