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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We have a place to call "Home." Last night, we took the boys to see it and to meet the owners of the home. I was so grateful that the boys were excited, that they fell in love with it immediately, that some of their fears and sadness dissipated, that they were smiling and up for the challenge. We took Brooklyn on Friday. That was the first time that we met the Noels and saw the house ourselves. She loved it. She loved that it was red, that it had bunk beds, and that they gave her jelly beans. The last month has kind of been a blur. It has been stressful and sad and scary and has caused great anxiety. Once I slowed myself down and told my Heavenly Father that I couldn't do this, and that I needed it His help, step by step, things calmed down. Josh had a successful surgery and now we have a home. Next is a marriage, then a move, then a transition to new schools and a new ward. It's all very exciting and challenging, and so full of promise. Now.. the home. It is owned by a senior couple, the Noels, who are going on their third mission. They are going to Washington State. They will be gone for two years. The home is red, with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The backyard is a dream come true for little boys, especially my little boys. We have been promised that the ward is amazing, and the young men's program is big and wonderful. All around, you hear farm noises. The next door neighbors have chickens, turkeys, roosters, donkeys, sheep, cows, and horses. It's in the middle of no where. We are the furthest street west. The backyard is the Great Salt Lake. I will need to become acquainted with the area. It's quite a drive to a grocery store, a gas station, a bank... anything really. It will be a slower paced life, with a lot of family time. It's just right.

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