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Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day Joshua!

I seriously LOVE this family picture. Brooklyn is done and done. Colton is NOT going to open his eyes. Kaydon is doing a Kaydon look. Jackson is smiling because he wants to be able to play the xBox when we get home... you get the idea.
These kids are so lucky to have Joshua. So am I. The kids are doing SO good since we got married and moved. They are more comfortable, more happy, more calm. Josh provides them with stability, love, support, structure, an ear, a hug, a sense of safety, a sense of reason. He was born to be a dad. He loves his kids. He is proud of his kids. He is there for his kids.
Josh works so hard. He often leaves at 6 am, and doesn't get home until 11 pm, or later. He makes sure that his kids know that he loves them. He makes sure, always, that I have what I need and that I know that I am loved also. We are so blessed.

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