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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


On Saturday morning, Joshua took me golfing. I haven't been in almost four years! I sucked back then, too. Did you know that I golf barefoot? I do! Did you know that I use a tee no matter where I am on the course? I do! Did you know that I don't actually keep score. Duh! Did you know that Joshua has to keep about 14 balls in his pockets so that he can just keep throwing them to me? He does! This guy is the definition of patience. I say bad words. Only a few, though! I threw my club a couple of times. It didn't break! I broke some branches off of a tree. It was impressive! I made my ball skip right through the water and onto the green. Even more impressive! I didn't hit anyone on other fairways! Even MORE impressive! My husband is a natural athlete... good at EVERYTHING that he does. I am not a natural athlete, therefore NOT good at everything I do... but it's entertaining!

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