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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I went back to work yesterday. Oh. My. Goodness. This recovery is SO SLOW. When I am at home, or laying in bed, I don't have to function at a high level. Josh, I think without even knowing, has taken over everything. I don't have to think or DO. I have just been. I eat my popsicles, my toast, and color. I watch tv. I listen to my family. I just am. Coming back to work made me realize what a job this illness has done on my brain function. Meningitis is real. It is horrifying. It is debilitating. Did you know that I probably got it from a mosquito bite? Did you even know it could happen? I am much slower, mentally and physically, than I was before the illness hit me. I am getting better every day, but it is a slow process. People would ask me questions at work yesterday, and I just stared at them. My speech is still slower than usual. I tire very easily, and am still very physically weak. I am still on a diet of toast and popsicles. I have tried eating watermelon and grapes, but that causes bad stomach pains. Even with the limited food I eat, I am still throwing up at night, but not as much. My neck is much better, but I have overall muscle weakness. I am so grateful for an amazing husband and children who are selfless and service-oriented. Braxton would wake me each morning with toast and my morning meds. He would wake me again around lunch time to give me some popsicles and gatorade. Josh held down the fort so well, never ever complaining. Brooklyn rubbed my feet and the other kids set up their toys wherever I was so that I wasn't alone. Our ward is also amazing. They don't even know us, but they are already serving us. I am so grateful! While I have been down, life has gone on. Attached are some fun pictures of a little Sunday afternoon fun!

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