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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birthday Dinner

Last year, we took the five kids to Tepanyaki. Ever since that extremely expensive meal, all five kids have been begging to go back. We told them that we would go for their birthday month. We kept our promise and took them last Friday. This place is SO expensive for a family of seven, but the kids love it and their smiles make it worth it. Kind of. The food was great, the chef was great, the shrimp throwing was great. What was not great was that the waitress brought out four ice cream sundaes for the birthday boys, and didn't bring one for Brooklyn, which would be fine because it wasn't her birthday, but still... one more ice cream sundae would not have broken the bank for them. It went to Hell in a hand basket real quick. That girl has a flare for the tantrums! Ugh. Jackson was immediately willing to give her his ice cream. The other boys were just handing her everything trying to get her to stop. Josh was trying to talk to her. The waitress looked at me and said, "Princess, huh?" I smiled and nodded. Then she said, "Looks like she gets everything she wants and that's a problem." UGH UGH UGH! She was right. She IS a princess. For three years, we have catered to her and the boys have learned to just give her what she wants to avoid the tantrums, but yikes STRANGER!!!! That may have been a bit inappropriate! Anyways, it renewed in me that we need to stop with the tantrums, and with just handing her what she wants to get her to stop the tantrums. Anywho, below are photos of the happier time in the meal!

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