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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Braxton is 13!!!

Dear Braxalot- Happy birthday Peanut. You were seriously THE cutest baby. You were really laid back, easy-going, always a comedian. You ALWAYS put your pacifier in your mouth upside down, then you would give us looks with one eyebrow up. It was hillarious. You also carried your blankie around like Lionus on Charlie Brown. You would drag that thing every where, with your binky in upside down. I wanted to eat you up all of the time. You've always been a bit on the clumsy side... you know, like walking into running chain saws, falling down every set of stairs you have ever attempted to climb, tripping over air, finding open cupboards with your head... just to name a few. When you were little, you were just chill. As you have gotten older, the past has come back to haunt you just a bit. At times, you have struggled with your emotions, your feelings, your anxieties, etc. But, the last four months have been the best for you. You are smiling and happy. You laugh and joke. You talk to us. You are AMAZINGLY compassionate. When I cry, you are the first one there to make it better. When I am sick, you tuck me in. When I am tired, you tell me that you'll take care of everything and you do! You are an amazing brother to your sister. Oh my goodness, you love that girl and she loves you. You love music. You love bacon. You love bacon a lot. You wish you could drive right now. You love living in the country. You are pretty into girls right now, and they are into you also. Ugh. Brax, we love you dude! We are so thankful to have you in our family! Happy birthday Peanut!

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