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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Christensen Summer Party

Saturday morning, we went to the Christensen Summer Party. Josh's aunts and uncles, cousins, cousins spouses, cousins children, etc. were all there. There are no pictures of any of those people because I pretty much just like to stare at my own family. Whatever! The kids had a great time! Josh, the boys, Uncle Matt, Aunt Jen, Cousins Kara and Jess, all played kick ball until my super buff husband busted the kick ball because he kicked it too hard! There was a fun bouncy house water slide that Colton and Kaydon never got out of! There was lots of yummo food and snow cones! I held Baby Kyason the entire time. Baby Kyason's mommy died 2 weeks ago. She had Leukemia. Rather than aborting Kyason, she opted to remain pregnant for as long as she could. She endured two rounds of Chemo while he was still in her womb. He was taken at 28 weeks and she had a bone marrow transplant, and more chemo. Her body gave out on July 24. Kyason is now without his mommy on earth. His grandma and grandpa are taking care of him right now while his daddy mourns and tries to pull himself together. It breaks my heart into pieces. I was happy to give his grandma and grandpa a break for a few hours. We cuddled, played, and he slept while I stared at him. Sweet boy.

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