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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Colton is 11!

This cute boy is 11 years old! I went into labor with him at 30 weeks gestation, was given two steroid shots to jump start his lungs, and was on "hotel stay" at LDS Hospital until he was taken by c-section on August 4. My sweet OBGYN, Dr. Pead, gave me a blessing with my dad before I was wheeled into the delivery room. Colton was 5 pounds even. His breathing was great, thanks to the steroid shots. He was taken right to the NICU, though, for temperature control and feeding issues. Sweet Becky came up to the hospital, wheeled me to the NICU and handed my little guy to me. He was so sweet. He was in the NICU for three weeks before I was able to take him home to join his three brothers. Colton's middle name is Walter, named after my Grandpa Robb. Oh, how I love that man. Colton has had four sets of tubes put in his ears, a hernia repair, and a tonsilectomy (with the adenoids being taken out too). He was diagnosed with severe ADHD and pediatric anxiety a couple of years ago. He is on medication to help him, and has lots of help at school. He loves legos, cars, and horses. He has always loved horses! He loves to have friends, no matter what age they are. He loves to be social and to play with other kids. Colton is going into the fifth grade this year at West Point Elementary School. He is so excited. Colton is so sweet, kind, compassionate, sensitive, and loves life to the fullest! We love you Sweet Colton!!!!

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