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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ordination & A Phone

Kaydon was ordained to the office of Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday. A few weeks ago, I asked Josh to find out who Kaydon wanted to have ordain him. Kaydon immediately said, "YOU." I asked Josh what he told Kaydon. Josh said, "I told him I would be ready to do it." My cup runneth over. Josh was baptized a member of the Church, and was active in activities and scouts. He was ordained an Elder several years ago, but has never been "active." His mom comes from a Protestant background, and his dad is not an active member. I have never asked Josh to be active, or to participate, as I have always wanted him to do it on his own. Before we were married, he would go to Sacrament Meeting with us on Sundays, which I was always grateful for. Since we got married and moved to West Point, he has only missed one day of church and it was because he had to work. He always gets the boys to their priesthood activities, always makes sure they look appropriate and act appropriate. He makes sure we pray before meals, and participates in our family home evenings. He went and got Kaydon a new outfit for his big day. It IS a big deal when a young man chooses to be ordained to the Priesthood. The Priesthood is the path to Heaven. We, as sisters, are equally blessed by the Priesthood. Having the Priesthood in our home is essential to the Spirit being as strong as possible. Sunday was a beautiful, exciting day. Kaydon looked so sharp. He was so excited. My dad had sent Josh the wording that he needed to memorize. He spent quite a bit of time working on that. The ordination was beautiful. Again, my cup runneth over.
On a separate, but also exciting note, Braxton got his first phone. He has earned it. In our home, the rule is that you have to be 13 and getting a 3.0 to get a phone. Braxton was in no way going to get a phone when he turned 13 one year ago. He was really struggling in every aspect of his life. He was a miserable kiddo. Josh worked and worked and worked with him. When we got married and moved, it was like a switch was flipped with that kid. He is a totally different Braxton and we love it! He is responsible, helpful, service-oriented, loving, clean, kind, patient, and just good. He was set apart as the Deacon's Quorum President last week. This title doesn't make him a good kid, but the characteristics that he has taken on do. He earned this phone and I as so happy to get it for him!

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