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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Boys are Home

I am so screwed when these boys leave on missions, or for college! Braxton was gone at scout camp for an entire week. It about killed me. Jackson was gone for three days. I missed him a little less. :) But, seriously, he's almost 15 and not always the most pleasant person to be around. Anywho, they had a great time! They learned a lot and had spiritually uplifting moments. When boys come home from scout camp, I have advice for all mothers... DO NOT listen to their stories. Just ask them if they had fun then leave it at that. Why? Because I have learned that it is a miracle that boys come home alive from scout camp. They come home with the most terrifying stories that are "cool" to them but NOT to moms! Just a little piece of advice from me to you. SO glad my boys are home!

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