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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Failure... Almost

I swear if you saw our first attempt at a garden, you would either hug us and tell us how sorry you are that we suck, or you would just shake your head and walk away. It's bad! Like, really, really bad. However, in the midst of what we thought was a complete failure, we have five pumpkins. Do you know how many kids we have? FIVE! We have a pumpkin for each kid. Miracle. Then, on Saturday, I was in the kitchen cleaning and I looked out at our aforementioned garden and noticed that the peach tree that I thought we also killed had produced a boat load of peaches. I sent the children out with large bowls to collect the goodness. The brought in bowl after bowl. I started researching how to freeze these suckers, how to make peach cobbler, how to do anything to preserve all of this goodness. They are delicious. They smell so good. They are such a blessing! This week, I will get them frozen and dried. I will also join my family in continuing to eat them fresh. They are delicious.
I was reminded that in the midst of what we think are epic failures, we can find success and triumph. We can find things that bring us hope for something better. We can find blossoms amongst the thorns. We are so blessed to have this fruit for my family to eat. #grateful

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