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Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Night!

On Saturday, Jackson announced that he would be doing a movie night. I was all excited! I asked him what movie we would be watching. He informed me that Dad and I were not invited. Uh?!?! Okay!! So, for the rest of the day, the kids kept asking him and asking him when movie night would be, where it would be, what it would be, how it was going to happen, etc. etc. etc. Finally, it happened. It took place in the game room/computer room. They watched Transformers. They requested that I pop popcorn for them. I should have said, "no," but I didn't. Good mama! This picture is classic! Notice Brooklyn, please. This is our norm! That girl makes herself comfortable no matter what brother she is laying across. She has her sippy cup, her Braxton, and her Braxton's nose. She is good to go! Jackson is front and center. Kaydon and Colton are hogging the popcorn! There are no parents! Love my kids!

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