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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My B Beck

I totally stole this picture off of B Beck's blog. I didn't even ask if I could use it! It was a real-life robbery! Guilty as charged! Anywho, onto my post. As I have said many times on my blog, I have never, ever doubted that I am a daughter of God. But, sometimes I forget. Sometimes I let Satan do a little more than bruise my heel. Sometimes I let him make me forget that I am a daughter of God, and that He loves me and hears my cries. B Beck is one of those angels that we are taught about... one of those angels who walks beside us, here on earth. I believe that Heavenly Father send angels from the other side to help us and guide us, to walk beside us and comfort us. But, I know that Heavenly Father also gives each of us people, here on earth, to walk beside us, to remind us who we are, to say to us just what Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ would say to us if they were right here beside us. B Beck is one of those angels for me. B Beck and I have known each other for 13 years. She and my Mo were my visiting teachers. They were so much more than visiting teachers, though. B Beck was very instrumental in getting me and my four boys out of our home and safely into my parents' home. Although I can't ever remember B Beck and Mo coming to my house and reading a lesson from an Ensign to me, we went out to lunch or dinner every month and we talked about things of the spiritual nature, i.e. tithing, trials, prayer, the Priesthood. As the years have gone on and the three of us have all endured our fair share of trials, heartbreak, loss, blessings, triumph, and love, we have continued to meet two or three times a year for lunch where we catch up, and talk about things of the spiritual nature, i.e. tithing, trials, prayer, and the Priesthood. We laugh, we cry, we comfort each other, and we even push each other to do better... at least B Beck pushes Mo and I to do better. You see, B Beck really doesn't have anything that she needs to be better at. Seriously. Nothing. I remember a couple of experiences with B Beck that have never left me: 1) She offered to have her dad give me a blessing about 11 years ago. Her dad is awesome. Right after the blessing, he said to us, "Heavenly Father loves his girls. He isn't always so fond of his boys, but he loves his girls." It made us both laugh. 2) I talked to her about how frustrated I was with the situation with the boys' father. She told me that I was quite possibly praying for all the wrong things. She admonished me to change my approach with my Father in Heaven, and to pray for forgiveness, even love for their father, and to ask Father in Heaven for the ability to have what the boys and I needed regardless of what their father provided. My whole way of thinking changed that very day. So much of the anger and frustration and inpatience that I had been weighed down with went away that day. 3) B Beck knew that I needed a little pick-me-up this week. She listened to my frustrations concerning a situation in our lives right now. Then, she told me that Satan was winning by getting me down about this. She told me to get a blessing, and to remember that sometimes I have to let things go, give them to Heavenly Father and let go. *** I am so grateful that Heavenly Father knows us. He knows just who we need in this life to make it through with some degree of sanity. I am so grateful for my B Beck and my Mo. I am so grateful that she has always loved me, despite myself. She has never given up on me, just like Heavenly Father will never give up on me. Love my B Beck!

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  1. Heidi you sweet thing! Thank you for being one of my dearest friends! Love you!