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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Josh has coach's meetings every Sunday night. We haven't made s'mores for SO long and Kaydon asked for them every week, so I decided it was time! I asked Braxton to go ahead and start the fire. LOL!!!! It was rough, People! Eventually, we had a good fire going, but it was quite the adventure. He tried to start a charcoal fire at first. It was an epic failure. So, he got a PLASTIC container to put the HOT CHARCOAL BISQUITS in. NOT A GOOD IDEA! It melted. Duh. So, Kaydon thought he needed to morp into a fire-fighter. Water EVERYWHERE! Then, Brooklyn's marshmallow started on fire, like a BIG fire. She was NOT happy. She ran with it to the side of the yard and stepped on about 17 stickers. NOT happy. Colton ate about 18 s'mores during the chaos. He had taken his nighttime medication and was pretty much unaware of the absolute genius comedy taking place around him. Jackson was laughing. Not helping. Laughing. I was snapping pictures. In the end, no one was injured seriously. Nothing of great importance burned down. The s'mores were delicious! The sunset, as always, was unbelievable over the lake. Kids went to bed happy. So did their mommy.

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