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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Be Brave

Last night, I went to Enrichment Night in our ward. That, in and of itself, is a miracle. I don't do Relief Society. I definitely do NOT do Enrichment Night!! But, my sweet friend, Heidi, in the ward told me I was required to go because she was making chicken noodle soup. Even at 6:25 last night, I was still trying to figure out how to get out of it. I hate big crowds, especially when I don't know very many people. I'm just very uncomfortable in those situations. I didn't get home from work until 6:15 and Josh wasn't going to be home for another hour with Jackson. I hurried and made tacos, got the garbage out to the street, and gained the courage to go. I walked in and didn't recognize anyone. I sat down at a table by myself. Heidi saw me and came and sat with me for a quick minute, since she was cooking. But, pretty soon the table filled up with really great sisters. The program was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. The topic was "Be Brave." The speaker was amazing. She spoke at my level. She spoke about women being warriors, and putting the armor of God on. So often, we hear that young men need to do that. But last night, we heard that women need to do that. She quoted parts of the General Women's Meeting that took place last Saturday. She read scriptures, and said that Satan knows that women are Heavenly Father's secret weapon. She said that is the reason why Satan hates us, and why he does everything he can to tear us down. She reminded us that fear is the opposite of faith, and that it restrict blessings from getting to us. In President Uchdorf's talk on Saturday, he spoke about how (symbolically) blessings rain down from the sky constantly. It is a continual downpour. We, however, have umbrellas out. These umbrellas are sin, fear, and doubt. Those three things prevent the blessings from reaching us. The speaker told us to take our stinking umbrellas down!! Let the blessings pour over us! It was emotional and funny and perfect. It was everything I needed. Dinner was great, too. I left there feeling so uplifted, and eager to be more brave.
In other news, at 5:50 this morning, I walked into the kitchen to grab my meds and head to work. Mr. Jackson was in there getting some breakfast. SO handsome he is! He even let me take a picture of him, which means he was feeling pretty good about himself too! It's homecoming week at Layton. Sophomores play tonight and varsity plays tomorrow night. With any amount of luck, we might actually win a game tomorrow night! I can't wait to see my cute girls' in their homecoming dresses! I love my wrestling boys' sisters who pretty much think I'm their second mom! Jackson will be going to the dance next year! I can't believe it's such a big boy!

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