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Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Times

Last night, Kaydon, Braxton, and Jackson went to do baptisms at the Ogden Temple. It was Kaydon's first time. I took Kaydon to get his recommend on Tuesday night. He was SO nervous, but he came out and said, "I PASSED!" So cute. Braxton and Jackson didn't want to go. They were tired and worn out and grumpy. I forced them. I don't force my children to do very many things. But, I actually used the word "force" with them. Then, Josh stepped in, told them to get their dress clothes on pronto and drove them to the church. I told them I loved them, even though they were mad and not looking at me. I also told them that they wouldn't regret it. I knew they wouldn't regret it. I knew that their excuse that "I'll just go next time," wasn't good enough. I knew that they needed to go last night. They were all SO glad they went. Kaydon said to me, "Mom, it was amazing. It was so amazing." I knew it would be. I knew it! Jackson and Braxton were all smiles when they got home. They needed to be there. I know that we always need to respect agency, but last night I put my foot down... and it worked out okay.

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