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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Kiddos

Sunday was our ward's primary program. My kiddos (the ones in my class) were really nervous. They all wanted to sit right next to me, like half way on my lap. There are 9 of them! They are 8! They all did great! No one threw up or fell or wet their pants. I consider that success! I was extremely sick all week last week. Therefore, no lesson was planned. Therefore, they got to teach! I gave them chalk, erasers, crayons, paper, and my lesson manual. I told them the topic, which was, "Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy." They broke into two groups: boys and girls (duh!). They ROCKED it! I love the way 8 year olds think! Some of the "don'ts" included "Don't do drugs on Sundays," "Don't drink alcohol on Sundays," "Don't lie on Sundays," "Don't watch movies that have swearing in them on Sundays," "Don't play with friends on Sundays unless Mom says it's okay." They also came up with games to play and talked about what we SHOULD do on Sundays: "Go to church," "Listen," "Be nice," "Say a prayer," "Read." I love these kids. They seriously have it together! I often think how valiant and prepared these kids are for what is upon us now, and what is to come. They have a lot to teach us!

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