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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My cute co-worker, LeAnne, made this thankful banner for me. She is super talented and I was SO excited that she made this for me!
The beginning of this week has been a bit rocky. Josh dislocated his pelvis on Monday morning and Braxton separated his shoulder during lunch that same day. Monday night, as Braxton was holding his arm kind of funny and Josh was laying on the couch medicated, and I had Brooklyn in the shower, and Colton was still climbing walls, and Kaydon was laughing hysterically at whatever movie he was watching, I called a guy in our ward. I knew he was a physician's assistant and I felt that I should call him. I explained that my life was chaos at the moment and asked him if he would be willing to come over and look at Braxton to tell me if I needed to take him to Instacare. He came right over. He immediately told me that I did, in fact need to take him in. It was 7:15 and they close at 8. Jackson got Brooklyn out of the shower and blow-dried her hair and got her in her jammies. I loaded Braxton up and headed to urgent care. When we arrived, the waiting room was packed. They closed in 45 minutes. We went up to the counter to check-in and were met by a nurse who asked if this was Braxton. I nodded and she took us right back, immediately into the x-ray room that was ready for us. We were told that Brian, the PA, had called ahead and told them exactly what to do. When the x-ray technician was done, Brian looked at the x-rays FROM HIS HOME COMPUTER, and gave them a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Braxton is in a sling for at least three weeks. Brian will examine him again then and determine whether or not he needs surgery. We were in and out in 20 minutes. I cannot tell you how thankful I was. I cannot tell you how blessed I felt at that moment that people went way above and beyond to make things as simple as possible. Both Josh and Braxton are recovering and are resting well. *** Also, last night Josh and I went shopping for the little guy that he is assigned to right now for his job. Josh is a safety zone specialist. He is assigned to troubled kids who are in elementary school. These troubled kids range from anger issues, to runners, to sex offenders (yes, sex offenders as young as 2nd grade), and other issues. He has been assigned to a second grader for several weeks now. This little guy loves Josh. Josh loves this little guy. A lot. He is extremely neglected. He sleeps on a floor with a blanket and a stuffed animal. He has worn a tank top almost everyday and it is freezing. We went last night and bought him some pants and several long-sleeved shirts. I am unbelievably grateful that we were able to do this. We used it as a learning tool for our own boys last night. Josh sat down and explained to them what we did, and how we always need to be on the look-out for people who are less fortunate than us, not judge them, befriend them, and pray for them. The boys all wanted to buy him a bed. :) We explained that we couldn't just do that, but I was so thankful that they thought of it. We are blessed and I am thankful.

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