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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanks and Cruisin'

Sunday night, we went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was very, very nummy! It was a pirate-themed Thanksgiving dinner because they announced that we are going on a family cruise in January! All of the adults already knew about it, because there has been lots of planning going on. Jackson also knew. But the rest of the kiddos found out on Sunday. It was so fun to watch their reaction and to hear them planning what their activities will be. Amanda is not allowing Brooklyn to go with us so tears and sobs were a part of the party. But Papa and Grandma promised to take Brooklyn on an amazing one-on-one before we go cruising. She loves Papa and Grandma! She wanted Papa to hold her and he got lots of cuddles out of him. I'm pretty sure he lives for that. I do too. So, off to the Bahamas and St. Marten we go in January!

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