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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Past Week

I am really behind on blogging. Life has been unexpectedly stressful and I find myself in "one foot in front of the other" mode right now. On Halloween, we were kidless. It was weird, and not in a good way. The boys had a Halloween sleepover at my parents house and Brooklyn was with her mom until 9 pm. Josh and I went to Farmington Station and ate sushi, walked around, bought me some new pajamas at Old Navy (which are AMAZING), and sat by a hot outside fireplace. If you haven't been to Farmington Station, I strongly suggest you go. It's a great place for hanging out, eating, and shopping. They have a fountains that are set to music with colors and beauty. In the winter, they have a little outside ice rink. There are stores there that are no place else. It's a great place to go, and it was a beautiful night!
On Saturday, we spent some quality time at the insta care. Jackson fell awkwardly on his leg while playing capture the flag. At first they thought he broke his shin bone, then they thought he messed up the growth plate in his knee. It turns out he has a deep bone bruise that should take weeks to heal. The other kids and I hung out in the waiting room - watching movies and playing with blocks while Josh hung out with Jackson in the exam room and x-ray room.
We have Brooklyn on Monday afternoon/evenings. I pick her up on my way home from work and it's always a fun little conversation with her in the car, on the way home. I was looking on my phone last night and found this little treasure. She had asked to play on my phone. It turns out she was taking pictures of her beautiful face! I am so lucky.

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