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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Frozen Party

Brooklyn's birthday is this coming Saturday. She will be six years old on the sixth. Kind of cool! She wanted a Frozen-themed birthday. So, after Thanksgiving was all cleaned up, I began to prepare her dessert bar. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I prepared. I baked like a crazy person! I made everything myself, except the powdered donuts and wrapped candy. I served: white cupcakes, dyed blue, with white frosting and homemade white chocolate candy pieces; three-layer rice krispy treats; marshmallow pops, dipped in white chocolate and blue sixlets; sugar cookies iced with blue icing and topped with white sixlets; homemade caramel corn, drizzled with white chocolate, powdered donuts, and chocolate candies. I think it's safe to say everyone was sugared up for a while! Josh helped me ice the cookies and frost the cupcakes. Kaydon helped me dip the marshmallows. Everyone else helped to eat everything. Papa & Grandma, Papa & Steph, Nichole, Matt & Jen, Kara & Jess, Brandon & Carrie all came. Brooklyn was spoiled, which is the story of our lives. I am exhausted, but so thankful that I was able to pull this off for her.

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