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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christensen Family Day of Service

I woke up Saturday morning feeling strongly that we needed to do a morning of service. We don't have much, but we have sufficient for our needs and we are constantly blessed with the ability to pay our rent, our utilities, make sure our children have shoes and coats, and that we have food on the table because we pay a full tithe. I asked Josh about doing a morning of service and he was behind it, so we told the children to get ready. They were NOT excited. Therefore, I had a little "coming to Mama talk." I explained that their grandparents are taking them on a freaking cruise for crying out loud... the least we could do was serve. Hugs! We started at Walmart. We bought five $25 gift cards, one for each child. Then, the children went on their way and gave them to someone who they felt guided to. Jackson came back 15 minutes later with his card still in his hand. He said that he just didn't feel right about anyone yet. Then, an elderly couple walked in the front doors. I watched as my 15 year old son walked toward them. With one hand, he showed them the gift card and with the other, he rested it on the shoulder of the woman. He said to them, "My family is doing a service project this morning. We want to give you this and we want you to have a merry Christmas." The man was not fond of the idea. In fact, he kept telling Jackson to give it to someone more in need. Jackson explained that he couldn't do that because he knew he needed to give it to them. The sweet old lady took it and cried. Jackson cried too. I was a standing in a puddle of my own tears.
Next, we went through the drive-up at McDonalds. Don't judge! There isn't much out where we live! We ordered drinks, then told them we were paying for the car behind us. Wouldn't you know it... the car behind us ordered two drinks for a total of $2! However, as our kiddos watched out the back window, they noticed that she then paid for the car behind her, and that car paid for the car behind them. Service is contagious! People were blessed that day, but not as much as our family. After McDonalds, we went home and I made neighbor gifts, after which Brooklyn ran up and down driveways to deliver. She slept sooo good!

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