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Friday, December 19, 2014

Goodbye, Gram

Sunday night was Gram's viewing. None of our kids had ever been to a viewing before. We told them that they didn't need to touch her, or even look at her if they didn't want to. We were about two hours early so that we could make sure everything was just right. Each of the kids walked right up there and talked to her! Jackson immediately broke down sobbing and went to sit down. Kaydon never left her side. It was very sweet. He was adjusting her blouse, fixing her hair, puffing her pillow and fixing the lining in the casket throughout the whole viewing. Every time someone walked up to the casket, he stepped up right in front of them and just put his hand on her. He was extremely protective. Josh finally had to tell him that it was okay to go sit down. It was very sweet to watch the kids with her. It was a long, long night and the kids did great. Right before we left, Kaydon walked up and said, "Well, see ya Gram's body!" He was spot on. It was just a shell. Grandma wasn't in there anymore. Til we meet again Sweet Gram.

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