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Friday, December 12, 2014

Haircuts and Baby

Last night was hair cut night for the boys. Off to Miss Martha's house we went. Miss Martha's real name is Heidi, however she is perfect in every way so I call her Martha. Because I can. Miss Martha had a baby one month ago. Her name is Brooklyn Heidi. She is perfection. Literally perfection. Kaydon wrote a paper about her at school. So sweet. Last night, Kaydon begged to hold her and loved on her, ever though he kept calling her "it." Whatever. Jackson would rub her little cheeks, but he was terrified to hold her. Terrified. Jackson is terrified of everything. Finally, I got her to hold her and feed her so that I could write Martha a check. He was SO sweet with her. He even got her to burp six times. They talked about her for the rest of the night.
Oh, and the three boys begged Miss Martha to dye their hair. They are little divas!!!!

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