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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hard Day

All of our children are so different, and express their feelings so differently. Kaydon is so sweet and such an easy kid, unless something is bothering him. When something is bothering him, he becomes very agitated and angry. Around 5:30 last night, I was in bed already. Yep... bad day. Kaydon came into bed with me. Josh was still at wrestling practice. Kaydon was telling me that kids were being mean to him and telling him that freckles are ugly and that he is ugly and blah blah blah. Kids are SO stinking mean. So, when Josh got home he noticed that KK was not his happy self. He pulled him onto the floor and they started to wrestle. Almost immediately, Kaydon was happy again. He wrestled with Dad for a good half hour and was good to go again. This happens at our house all of the time. Having a bad day? Great, get on the ground and wrestle with Dad.
Then, at around 7 pm, Josh got a phone call. Gram passed away. Josh's grandma is one of my favorite people. She is feisty and sassy and stubborn. Sound familiar? Pretty sure we got along because we are a lot alike. As soon as we got to the house, I knelt by her bed and cried. I told her she looked beautiful and that I loved her. Then I cried a little more. I felt like I should hurry and paint her finger nails before the mortuary got there. But, I didn't. I still feel like I should have done that. Oh well. She'll get over it! I love her. I miss her already. I plan on doing her work for her. She was never a member of the Church. I plan on changing that as soon as I can. I NEED to be with her again. So, even though it's selfish, I'll be doing it. Love you Gram. To the moon and back. Come visit me often if you get a chance. Hold my hand and laugh with me. Help me to be strong when I feel weak. Til we meet again.
I work with amazing people, who showered me with origamy butterflies and breakfast this morning. I am so blessed!

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