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Monday, December 8, 2014

Tender Moments

Last Thursday, Josh received a call from his aunt. Josh's grandma was not well. He called me to relay the message and I got in the car and drove right over. Little Gram has a special place in my heart. She is feisty and sassy and funny. And, she loves me. :) I walked into her room. She was completely incoherent 98% of the time. She looks nothing like Gram any longer. Her spirit is in and out of her old and tattered body. It's mostly a shell at this point. I held her hand, laid by her, stroked her forehead and ran my fingers through her hair. I cried a little, too. I remember taking care of my Grandma Robb and my Grandpa Robb. I did much the same with them. They are so close to me every single day. I miss them terribly, but the closeness that I feel to them everyday reminds me that this earth life isn't the end at all. Gram Thomson is not a member of the church, nor is that entire side of the family. I talked to her a little bit about that as I sat with her. At one point, I told her I loved her. She opened her eyes slightly and mouthed that she loved me too. I cried a little more. When Josh showed up, she woke just a little bit, smiled, and mouthed that she loved him. I was so thankful for that. I hope that Gram goes quickly, and smoothly with no pain or anxiety. I also hope that she knows how loved she is.

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