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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day Eight

Day eight, we departed the ship. It was a crappy morning! We didn't want to leave! My parents surprised the family with a trip to the Everglades, an airboat tour and a gator tour. I freaking held a gator! A real gator! I wanted to die! Listen, this trip was a dream trip. The only missing was Brooklyn, and that was a HUGE piece missing. We made some great memories. It was paradise in every sense of the word. We laughed so hard. We played hard. We rested A LOT! We ate even more! I got stuck in a water slide. I also got stuck on a ropes course TWICE. Jackson and Braxton have Facebook friends all over the world now. Kaydon ate his heart out! Colton swam for hours on end. Josh just relaxed and laughed and loved being with his boys. Our room steward was outstanding, extraordinary and perfect. We miss you Marvin! The food was outstanding. Being with the whole family was amazing in every way! We are so thankful for this trip of a lifetime!!

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