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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day Three & Four

Day three was VERY similar to day two, except that everyone was feeling much better! Day four brought us to St. Martin. Oh my gosh, People! This is my favorite place on Earth! We got off of the ship and took a water taxi to St. Martin. The natives on the water taxi were pure perfection. They had the long braids and dreds, just as you would imagine. They sang and sold soda and water, which we bought! They had the coolest accents and I wanted to just eat them up! We got to St. Martin and just walked around the "streets." You had to pay to use restrooms, or to walk or sit on the beach. So, we did neither. It was quaint, simple, and beautiful. The natives were the happiest people I have ever seen, and yet they had nothing. We talked to our boys about it as we walked. These people have nothing, yet everything. They were funny and kind and happy. We walked by the school. It was completely open-air. I just wanted to eat those little jamaican kiddos up! SO cute! Josh had attended a jewelry conference on the ship and had got me a set of free earrings and a necklace. He had a coupon for another free necklace, so he and the boys went into the jewelry store to get it. They were in there for a LONG time. Little did I know, he bought me a wedding ring. I have been wearing the ring my dad bought my mom. My wedding ring is perfect, beautiful, so special, so meaningful, and I am in love with it. Pictures will be in a later post. It makes me love St. Martin even more! Paradise.

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