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Monday, January 12, 2015

Josh's Birthday

Saturday was Josh's 36th birthday. He's just a young, spring chicken! He had a tournament all weekend. I snuck up to Brigham City to support him there for a few hours on Saturday. It's my favorite tourney of the year and I needed to at least be able to look at the handsome guy for a little bit. Wrestling season is crazy-busy. We rarely see him and that's tough. The kiddos stayed behind because I didn't want them to just have to sit for seven hours. But, we were able to take him to dinner late that night and be together as a family.
Yesterday, we had a little dessert bar to celebrate. We pretty much eat a whole lot of sugar any time there is something to celebrate. We had banana cream pie, caramel apple crunch pie, peanut butter bars, lemon bars, snickerdoodles, cream puffs, and apples with fruit dip. I threw in the licorice because we do everything with licorice!
Happy birthday to the greatest dad, the greatest friend, the greatest son and brother of all time. He's my best friend. I am so grateful for all that he does for our family. We love you!!

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